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22, Brazilian born in Fortaleza/Ceará. Living in Santiago/Chile since July 2019 and working with Front End Engineer at @concretelatinoamerica.

First of all, a big thank you for visiting and dedicating your time to know a little of my history.

How it all began?

My first contact with programming happened when I was ~14y.o. (2012) while browsing Google, I remember I met Blogger project, which was a blog creator, I remember well what was the feeling of creating the first page, seeing the first plugins - from simple banners to online people counters 🤯, however simple as they were, the feeling of something working is still today, awesome - see how a "heap" of colored letters becomes something visually interactive made me super excited, it caught my attention in hour!

I studied on YouTube and some forums that existed within the interactions, they were simply with HTML and a rare and unknown CSS.

From 15 to 17 years old (2013-2015), I entered a public school of technical education that was where I studied in a more theoretical way, initial concepts about programming with PHP, Java and a little bit of JavaScript, it was certainly a fantastic place that contributed for my focus on technical studies. In the meantime, I involved directly with the community with the 1st edition of Front In Fortaleza, which in years later I would come to speak and also be part of organization at 2018.

about banner image📸: DevFest Santiago 2019, Chile.

Career & Background

As a developer, I had my first opportunity as an intern at Altum Tecnologia/Fortaleza in the middle of 2015, since thenI have been through some companies, projects and technologies interesting. Always clear focusing on delivery, performance and quality.

Within the almost ~ 5 years of career, I have worked in great part as front end. From responsive pages to applications with React Native, migrating applications to Progressive Web Apps, or creating some tools for NodeJS, etc., always trying to follow good practices and delivering value as core values.

Today, I have studied and worked a lot with React/Angular, JS/TS, Data Manager (Redux / Flux), CSS-in-JS, FP, RXJS, webpack, tooling and the entire new JavaScript ecosystem. I have done recent experiments with Rust and Python, I learn a lot by watching other programming languages and seeing code from others programmers, mainly on GitHub.

Community & Open-Source

Front In Fortaleza was just the starter of what came to be be my relationship with community (s). At the end of 2015 I received a invitation @ythecombinator to present my first lightining-talk. It was a positive experience and weeks later I receive the oportunity to present a sencond call at 2nd Ionic Meetup Fortaleza. You can see almost every presentation I've ever had opportunity to share in some events I attended and see some of my contribution in communities.

speaking banner image📸: DevFest Nordeste 2016, Maceió/Brazil.

For almost 3 years, I participated as a collaborator/organizer of Google Developers Group (GDG) Fortaleza, a voluntary group of developers looking to organize meetings with the main purpose of discussing technology, share knowledge and help the community to specialize in collaborative and fast way.

Open-source and community for me are directly linked, since I have always focused on open-source as a faster alternative to apply knowledge, learn from professionals, share experiments and support even in a simple way for projects that like.

The idea of creating the blog and feeding content is precisely a way to contribute a portion to the community. Besides being a great personal guide. Thanks to this type of initiative, I met some fantastic places to go to events and also to do great friends.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it! Here I will share more details about my studies, projects, presentations and career.

if you prefer, you can also send me an email. 📬