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GDG DevFest Nordeste 2016

🌍 Maceió - Brazil

🗓 October 21, 2016

🎤 Angular & Firebase - A powerfull path to create dinamic apps.



The 2016 GDG DevFest Nordeste took place in Maceió - Alagoas, about 950km from where I lived (Fortaleza/Ceará), the event showed me in reality the real power that technology can have in people's lives. I had the opportunity to meet great references in the technical area and also make great friends like @gustavocostaw, @jeffersonmourak, @elisionfilho and many others. It was also my first experience as a speaker in another state, I remember with great affection and joy this great event! More details of the event can be seen in the video:

The Talk

On the day, I presented on how to build applications quickly with Angular and Firebase, on the day I also did a live-demo interacting with all the audience present with a chat created with the technologies above.