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GDG DevFest Santiago 2019

🌍 Santiago - Chile

🗓 October 5, 2019

🎤 Progressive Web Apps Done Right



The event was one of the editions of GDG Santiago in partnership with several companies and technology groups. A large event with innovation in presentation style: 3 simultaneous speakers with microphones that were made available on radios that were passed on to visitors, the user being able to select which conference to listen to, even being able to see all three talks at the same time! It was a fantastic experience!

The Talk

The title of the talk was Progressive Web Apps Done Right, I approached a vision of the past about the experience of users on the web within the last few years, the growth numbers of internet consumption and the constant bad signal quality and experience within of web-apps. PWA's break several concepts in the sense of how web applications were designed, expanding the options and experiences we can provide to users, from quick responses even with low internet signals (mainly offline!) To properties for a better experience in making your web-app a "installable" web-app.