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GDG Santiago Meetup September/2019

🌍 Santiago - Chile

🗓 September 24, 2019

🎤 Shared web-components with StencilJS



The event was one of the editions of GDG Santiago in partnership with @concretelatinoamerica and @4geeksacademycl. The meeting took place in Santiago, Chile at one of WeWork's headquarters. It was my first presentation outside of Brazil and also in another language, I spoke in Spanish and with the challenge with a new community, it was a very positive experience and well evaluated by the ~30 members who were on the day. More details about the meeting can be seen here.


On the day of the event, I talked about "Shared Web-Component with StencilJS", where I explored a little of the concepts behind all the architecture and how to use the main features and methods of the @Stenciljs library. Within the content, I used a component that I created as an example in live-code.