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Java/CE #08 - Technology Day

🌍 Fortaleza - Brazil

🗓 November 12, 2016

🎤 Thinking an accessible web-app with HTML5!



The Event was organized by the Java-CE community where they always dynamize the presentation content and invited me to a presentation already done before, which was a positive surprise in addition to a different challenge, given that the community was not so directly linked to front development end and much less with direct accessibility, however, the content had a very positive approval which was super gratifying.

The Talk

On the day I focused on Accessibility and Semantics with HTML5 with the lecture: Thinking about an accessible application with HTML5, which was even presented at other meetings in Fortaleza. Within the list of contents, I went from basic concepts, tools used to facilitate navigation for users who have a disability, HTML elements and basic tips to pass on to the user, whatever it may be, regardless of condition, connection or particularity, having access the information you need.